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Buffalo Head Restaurant sold to owners of Keyes Pancake House
By Kristen Copeland Oct. 8, 2015

FORESTPORT – The Buffalo Head Restaurant will be owned and operated by a family who knows a thing or two about running a successful business in the North Country.

Gateway Properties of Upstate NY says the Forestport restaurant was sold to Tom and Debra Timmerman, of Old Forge, the current owners and operators of Keyes Pancake House. The property and the 300-seat restaurant was sold for $385,000.

The restaurant, which closed last October, if fully equipped and slated to open by Mid-November. The new owners say the plan is to keep the same nostalgic atmosphere the restaurant is known for.

According to Gateway Properties, The Buffalo Head got its name from a story that dates back to when logging crews, often immigrants, were brought to the area by train during the work week and then brought back to the city for weekends. In 1924, the wife of an Italian immigrant ordered her husband to take down a large stuffed buffalo head from their apartment. He brought it to Forestport, where he and his friends nailed it outside the train depot. When the immigrants, who spoke little English, were asked by the conductor how far they needed to go, they would simply reply, “Buffalo Head”.

The Buffalo Head Restaurant is located just off of Routes 12 and 28, in Forestport Station, north of Utica and South of Old Forge, along the main corridors to the Adirondack Region.

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