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Buffalo Head sale pending; restaurant to reopen
By Joleen Ferris Sep. 16, 2015

In October of 2014, news that the north country staple, The Buffalo Head Restaurant, was closing down during the traditionally busy snowmobile season and opening again in the traditionally slow spring, or, “mud” season left many skeptical that the restaurant would reopen at all. Spring came and went and the restaurant remained closed. But now, a realtor says there is a sale pending. And that the new owners will restore the beloved local restaurant to its former glory.

“The new owners are coming in. The buyers are going to return the restaurant to the way it used to be, famous for food and it’ll be based on fresh food and it’s a great snowmobile destination,” says Nicholas Polce, of Gateway Properties.

Polce adds that the future owners have what it takes to make it happen.

“The new owners are local, it’s a family and they are already involved in the restaurant business so they understand it and they remember the way the Buffalo Head used to run,” says Polce, adding that nostalgia will once again be on the menu.

“People are going to be able to look forward to the large portions, the quality of food, it’s going to be known for its steaks and prime rib dinners and homestyle cooking A lot of the people want to come back to work. It’s going to be the way it used to be.”

The restaurant opened in 1924. They plan to reopen on or around November 1st. North country diners are cautiously optimistic.